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I am happy to work with you on a wide variety of writing projects. If you have something in mind that isn’t listed below, please reach out! 


I offer copywriting services for both web and print media. This includes website copy such as:

  • bios
  • about pages 
  • services 
  • sales pages 
  • landing pages, etc., and 
  • blog posts and emails. 

For copy projects, I begin with a half-hour phone call to collect information and determine the parameters of the project. Because projects vary widely, we will determine the necessary range of services during our initial phone call.

My copy services are not limited to the above! I’ve also done press releases, product descriptions, social media posts, and more. Whatever you need, let’s talk about it.

Regular Contributor

If you’d like to hire me to do a regular newsletter or blog post series for your business, I offer pricing packages for repeat customers. 

To initiate a regular contributor series with me, reach out with an idea of what you are looking for —even if it is as simple as “I need a newsletter”— and we’ll schedule a call to brainstorm the best methods for sharing your message with your audience. 

Speech Writing

If you have a speech or presentation coming up, I can write the speech for you or with you.

Every speech will begin with a short video conference so that I can collect the information I need from you to write a first draft. Because speeches are so personal, up to three rounds of edits are included and to be expected.

Public Speaking Consultation

I also offer consulting services on public speaking engagements. Together, we can work through the finer points of delivery on your speech, and talk through strategies that can help you keep your cool in large presentation settings. I can arrange to have between one and four video conferences with you to help you prepare, in addition to writing the speech for you. 

Every writing job is different, just as every one of my clients is different. Please send an email using the contact form below, and I’ll send you my price list for the category of work you have in mind. From there, we will determine the best way to proceed with your project. 

I look forward to working with you!


I'm happy to take on larger projects, like articles and book-length documents, as a ghostwriter. Does your business need an e-book to help you show off your expertise? Or do you have a particularly juicy memoire you're itching to write? Let me help you get your ideas out for the world to see. 

Larger projects like this require more back-and forth between me and the client, and so my fees are based on the time spent writing and collaborating with you. We'll begin with a phone call to discuss the scope of the project, and from there work out a timeline that works for us both and ensures that, though I do the heavy lifting, the final product is full of your voice and expertise. 


Follow Alicia on Instagram under the handle @aliciacannizzo.

You can also find read her essays on Medium, under the handle @AliciaRCannizzo.

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