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I use Google Analytics and other similar services to monitor who comes to my site, how they got here, and what they look at, all with the purpose of better supporting and attracting my audience and/or clients. These services do not collect personally-identifiable information, but I also am not an expert in what these companies do collect and how they make use of the information. If you do not feel comfortable with these services, please do not continue to browse my site. Instead, reach out to me directly on my LinkedIn page, for a description of my services. 

I will never sell your personal information, and will only release aggregate information about my website’s viewers in order to describe my site’s benefits to potential advertisers or affiliate companies. I will never, under any circumstances, knowingly share any personal information you have voluntarily shared with me (such as an email address) with another company or third-party vendor. I value my own privacy highly, and I will treat your information with discretion and respect. The only time I will share any personal information is if required to do so by law. I will never sell your information. 

My sites are not intended for people under the age of 18. I will not collect or keep any information from a person known to be under 18, and if you are under 18 I expect you to be under the supervision of a parent or guardian while using the site.

I may modify this privacy policy from time to time, in accordance with changing international and state privacy laws. If I do so modifications will be effective immediately. I will take reasonable steps to notify my users of updates to the privacy policy, however you are responsible for reviewing any modifications to the terms. 

Terms and Conditions

I own the rights to all material on this site, including images and copy. Writing from my portfolio has been used with permission of the client it was produced for, and is protected under the client’s copyright. I may link to other writers, experts, or vendors, and their logos belong exclusively to them. Any certifications I may use belong to the certifying body, and I use them with permission. Any use of a logo, certificate, image, text, or other website content must have my written authorization or the authorization of the appropriate owner. 

Small portions of my site can be reproduced for the purposes of criticism, scholarship or teaching, as long as the correct citations are used and the work is clearly attributed to me. 

I do not guarantee the legality, usefulness, accuracy, or reliability of any information on this site. You use this site at your own discretion, and are responsible for verifying information from reputable sources. I am not liable for any damages that might arise out of your use of the site or information gathered here. 

This business is based in Wisconsin and is subject to the laws of the State of Wisconsin, without any regard to conflicting laws of other jurisdictions. 


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