Today is my dad’s birthday. We don’t live in the same state, so today I am missing him and wishing I could be with him to celebrate. It might be a long time before I am able to fly to see him again, and this makes me sad. But I’m surrounded by things made by […]

It is a lovely rainy day in New York City, cool and quiet with the gentle sound of drops on the window and a stark reduction in the usual traffic sounds. The quiet is mostly due to the pandemic currently keeping people at home. I am seated at my desk, wrangling with history (a.k.a trying […]

The first time I made a series of work I really liked it was directly inspired by the past. I had come across the book The Power of Images by David Freedberg, which is a close look at the impact images have on cultures and individuals, using the Middle Ages and early modern period as […]

One of the primary goals I have with this blog is to introduce people to the historical artworks and objects that I study, teach, and obsess over. I love these objects, and this is a chance for me to share some reasons that you, too, might consider falling in love. I’m starting with this Greek […]

I was watching a Seth Godin lecture a little while ago, something he had done for a crafts organization. In it he talks about how the person who was inventing ships didn’t stop to worry about shipwrecks. And lots of horrible shipwrecks have happened because of that invention. But it was still something great to […]