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I am a freelance writer, editor, and public speaking consultant. 

For nearly a decade I was an academic, teaching writing-intensive courses at Hunter College, NYU, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Kingsborough Community College. During that time I became an expert in helping my students write exactly what they meant, and guided students from all walks of life through the careful construction of personal statements, research papers, and many other kinds of writing. 

While teaching and working on my doctorate I was going through my own personal transformation; I started graduate school with an abject fear of public speaking, and over time became comfortable lecturing to rooms with up to 400 students. I am now offering my services as a writing and public speaking expert to help clients across a variety of industries. I write copy of all kinds, edit and write reports, write speeches, and more. As a coach, I guide my clients through the delivery of a speech or presentation, helping them face down crippling stage fright to become confident, authoritative public speakers. 

My career gelled when I realized that what came naturally to me — writing exactly what I mean, and telling a good story while I am at it — could be agony for others, and that I can offer this skill to make business communications, personal branding, and marketing easier across a variety of industries. 

I was a very good teacher, devoted to meeting my students where they were and coaxing them into their full, innate brilliance. Now, I do the same thing for my clients. I look for the originality of you, your unique offering, and I make sure the whole world can see it. I feel happiest when I see my clients thrive, when we have nailed their message and communicated it in a manner that is true to them. 

If you’d like to read more of my writing, follow me on Medium at @aliciarcannizzo, or read my personal essays on the blog. For work with clients, check out my portfolio.

I’d love to work with you on any project, large or small. If you’ve got a project in mind please reach out through my contact form. 


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