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Alicia Cannizzo is an artist, art historian, independent curator and potter based in NYC. She has a BA in studio art, an MA in art history from the University of Wisconsin, and is currently finishing a doctorate in art history from the CUNY Graduate Center.  

Her artwork is inspired by the years she spent studying history. She connects ideas from the makers and philosophers of the ancient past to a modern embodied human experience. Her work is created in conversation with historical objects, and resonates with human creations from the prehistoric to the present.

As a historian she specializes in artwork from the European Middle Ages, where her research interests include death and the afterlife, funerary art, the monstrous, and issues of materiality and the body. She has taught histories of art and material culture at the University of Wisconsin, Hunter College, and NYU. 

Her curatorial work has led to collaborations with the world-class teams of researchers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She also works as a production potter with Jono Pandolfi Designs, and makes and sells her own functional tableware. 



Sculptural vessels and figures may be commissioned, or completed pieces may be purchased directly over email. 

Upcoming shows and the thoughts behind the creative process can be found in the blog. 

Please reach out if you have ideas for a collaboration, or any comments or questions.

licia is developing a line of tableware that will be available from the online shop. Announcements of new stock will be made through Instagram. 



Follow Alicia on Instagram under the handle @aliciacannizzo. You can also find her business page on Facebook, Alicia Cannizzo Studios, under the handle @AliciaRCannizzo. Or send a message directly using the form below. 

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